TamBerry Farms – Strawberries

The Situation

Tasked with converting a greenhouse formerly used for pepper production to tabletop strawberry production, the growers at TamBerry Farms in Chatham-Kent, Ontario needed a project that would be high quality and fast turnaround— but that wouldn’t cut into their bottom line. With such a transition like this risking precious time and labor away from production— very critical for small and mid-sized growers— TamBerry turned to Growtec for quick professional work that wouldn’t cut into their profits while still expanding their business margin for the years and seasons to come. Growtec would also work with TamBerry to provide the expertise and materials for installing brand new high tunnels for yet more tabletop strawberry production.

The Solution

While Growtec’s portfolio includes some of the largest independent greenhouse growers in Canada and the U.S., our team brought the exact same focus, expertise, and high-quality materials to the table with TamBerry Farms even as a smaller independent greenhouse grower. We knew this meant taking the helm with planning and design so they could focus on what they do best as successful small growers during the season: production and profits. Working within a short turnaround time, we were able to supply them with the exact solutions and systems they needed to expand their business without diminishing their overall goal: strawberry expansion.

The Value

Growtec was able to adapt and tailor their skills seamlessly to the needs of the client in all categories: project time, design time, engineering, and contributing their own knowledge and expertise when it comes to local production to the client. By meeting all project requirements with TamBerry Farms in a short amount of time, Growtec established themselves as a company able to meet the diverse needs of more than one type of greenhouse grower— including small growers, not just big greenhouse growers.

Growtec were able to work with any idea and make it reality. Their team made our tight deadline possible with a heightened attention to detail and secondary options and solutions. We are now entering spring with a wonderful crop.

Hilco Tamminga and Josh Tamminga
Owners and Operators of TamBerry Farms


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