Who We Are

What is Growtec?

Growtec is where the family farm meets the latest in cutting edge agriculture technology, greenhouse, and horticultural supplies. A family owned and operated business, and one of the fastest-growing greenhouse suppliers in Ontario drawing the widest range of clientele, we pride ourselves on serving both small family growers and expansive greenhouse operations. We do this by providing the sharpest, most competitive tools in the modern agriculture technology, hydroponic, and greenhouse industries while keeping our customers both ahead of the curve and up-to-date.

 From irrigation supplies, to high tech humidity controls, to state-of-the-art greenhouse systems, we also know that successful operations aren’t just about the industry — they’re about the people. At the heart of every business relationship, we strive for top quality and honesty with each of our customers, in addition to providing the best catalogue of horticultural materials, tools, and technology available for thriving enterprises of all kinds. 

Cultivation design, engineering, and technical expertise are our specialties — but people are our passion. By combining practical on-the-ground agricultural experience with industry leading technology, there is no business too big or operation too small for innovation. Growtec has systems, planning approaches, and solutions for growers of all sizes.

Our Projects

Growtec’s mission is to both support and equip growers for powerful results in agricultural and horticultural communities, and with help from the latest agriculture technology.

Our Leadership

Freddy Sarkis


Brian Zimmermann

Sales and Operations Manager

Marcel Roefs

Project Manager

Brandon Ingratta

Production and Warehouse Manager

J’Aime​ Pavao


Gabriele Mancini

Account Manager

Robin Dirks

Business Unit Manager EMEA

Bilal Al-Nawawreh


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