Flower Growing Systems

Watch as your quality, yields, and enterprise both flourish and bloom.

We do not overlook or forget the flower growers and their specialized needs. From root to petal, it is our passion to design and implement systems that work for you and every aspect of your flower crop’s growing conditions and nutrient needs — and so you can focus on what you do best: producing the most beautiful blossoms and plentiful yields.

 To make this happen, we bring unprecedented skills, know-how, technology, and the highest quality growing system components in the flower growing business, whether you have a small hydroponic outfit or large scale greenhouse setup. We utilize the best materials in the industry: galvanized wire stem support brackets and wire irrigation brackets, stainless steel end drains, turnaround brackets on gable and walkways, customized suspension, flexible gutter widths (130 to 360 mm in 10 mm increments), and end caps with custom logos so you can represent your brand.

Our Projects

Growtec’s mission is to both support and equip growers for powerful results in agricultural and horticultural communities, and with help from the latest agriculture technology.

Ready to grow your potential?

We are ready when you are. Contact us for more information, an estimate, or a walkthrough of our services, technology, and equipment. We are here to work for you so you can grow better.


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