Irrigation Systems

Professional irrigation for savings and efficiency.

You will not find better control of your irrigation and flow than with our systems, saving you money and optimizing water needs for your plants. Our drip irrigation systems include pressure compensation, dialed-in flow rates and control, multiple outlet options, and no-drain features so you can tailor how you irrigate to what you grow. 

  • Irrigation Hose

    No more irrigation setbacks. Keep your hydroponic and other systems running clean and smooth with this co-extruded hose, layered with white polyethylene on the outside and inside, with a layer of black polyethylene in between — and made from the highest-grade resins you can find in the industry.

    This layering ensures water is kept at reasonable temperature by reflecting sunlight away from the tubing, while its black inner layer stops algal and other growth that could result in time-consuming clogs and blockages.

  • Irrigation Fittings & Accessories

    Use our wide variety of different irrigation fittings to customize the exact size, layout, and features to meet even the most specific watering needs or array of crops — whether it is a large or small operation, or hydroponic, greenhouse, or other growing system. Our catalogue includes elbow, coupling, and valve joints; barbed hose couplings; fittings for adjoining different sizes of tubing or pipes together; and much more. You dream it, we can design it — and both irrigate it quickly and efficiently in no time.

    For all the rest, we have got you covered: irrigation accessories for construction, maintenance, and alteration of either brand new or already established irrigation systems, both large and small. These include tube cutters for handling hose or irrigation tubing, punching tools for altering drip irrigation flow rates, and even more precise irrigation change-ups with tube reamer tools. With the irrigation accessories and tool sets we offer, we’ll make your system work and water for you, no matter your operation or business size.

  • Drippers & Dripper Assemblies

    Give plants with high-demand root systems substantial and close irrigation, with help from our dripper assembly. Attach each dripper along microtubing and place in strategic areas such as right next to large-rooted, water-loving plants that need deeper, more targeted irrigating. Microtubing remains small and inconspicuous and can effortlessly blend into and along gutter systems in greenhouses and hydroponic setups. Control rates of different irrigation aspects such as pressure, flow, drip rate, and more — all depending on the needs of your plants. Customize your watering to the way you grow.

In-House Irrigation Assembly

Custom-made irrigation supplies for meeting the growing requirements of all manner of greenhouse operations. Our semi-automatic irrigation machine allows greenhouse producers to rapidly generate and retrofit needed irrigation supplies— such as hole punching drip line— to any client need, row leg length, or greenhouse length. We only use high quality, co-extruded polyethylene tubing and our irrigation assembly has generated over half a million meters of irrigation for our clients only this past year. Providing irrigation supplies to international greenhouse growers is part of our mission helping to reduce costs for our customers while ramping up their competitiveness in the global market.

Ready to grow your potential?

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