Growing Systems

Our professional growing systems will set you up for success.

And if they do not at first, we will not stop working for you until they do — and until they bring out your greatest potential. From the very start we customize the best possible designs to the uniqueness of each customer: using the most durable materials, latest technology, gutters of any length, and suited to all manner of crops and growing approaches. We are here to gear you up with your growing system, tailored to your crop quality, yields, and success — while cutting down on energy, irrigation, and labour costs.

Gutter Options

 130 – 360mm
110 – 360mm
110 – 360mm
Coming soon!

What's Your Crop?

  • Gable System

    Introducing Growtec’s Gable System for greenhouses— updating to better structure and overall greenhouse durability has never been a more effortless or solid investment. With our redesigning of the overall gable structure including high quality and robust materials, your greenhouse construction or upgrade will bring your entire enterprise up to state-of-the-art production and yield success…and quickly. Installation is devised to be faster and easier for any level of experience with greenhouse building, using pre-drilled holes instead of typical threaded rods as seen in other greenhouse construction schemes. As is Growtec’s mission, our Gable System is designed for optimizing the success of greenhouse growers of all sizes and experience levels.

  • Swing System

    To both amplify and optimize greenhouse space, look no further than Growtec’s simple yet innovative Swing System. Create more space between gutter systems to improve work efficiency, flow, and plant space so you can bring your entire operation up to a whole new level— both literally and figuratively. Swing Systems allow producers to lighten distribution of plants while enabling production to be as dense and productive as possible. As is Growtec’s mission, our Swing System is designed for optimizing the success of greenhouse growers of all sizes and experience levels: top quality parts combine with simple assembly— using bolt couplings instead of welded shafts— to make the business of growing both effortless and successful for any grower type.

  • 2LEVEL Stationary System

    Bring greenhouse production up to a whole new level— literally. Growtec’s 2LEVEL System is designed to make the typical two gutter system per row in most sophisticated greenhouses a four-gutter system on two levels, automatically boosting production density while increasing efficiency and reducing walking between plants by 50%. As is Growtec’s mission, our 2LEVEL System is designed for optimizing the success of greenhouse growers of all sizes and experience levels, with the highest quality materials and effortless setup.

Ready to grow your potential?

We are ready when you are. Contact us for more information, an estimate, or a walkthrough of our services, technology, and equipment. We are here to work for you so you can grow better.


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