Ridge Farms – Tomatoes

The Situation

Third generation greenhouse operator, Ridge Farms, expands into hydroponic with aims for a 7-acre tomato range under greenhouse cover. This state-of-the art setup will allow an otherwise small agricultural operation compete with more and larger markets for advantageous and high-quality tomato production, year-round.

The Solution

Growtec met with Ridge Farms to execute a new hydroponic greenhouse setup for tomatoes that would be finished in May 2022. 28,000 meters of gutter was installed for express tomato production purposes, with width specifications GT01-230 mm, under the cover of greenhouse construction with the best and latest technology and materials. The growing system installed will be suitable for a different variety of tomatoes with the flexibility to change to other crops if necessary.

The Value

Small growers can get incredible value and advantage against other small growers and larger growers alike upgrading or expanding their setups with help from Growtec’s professional skillset. After completed construction for Ridge Farms, their growers were ready with the most advanced hydroponic greenhouse technology to bring the best fresh tomatoes to markets.

Growtec increased the efficiency of our irrigation systems with their Closed Gutter Systems that recycle 100% of our water & unused fertilizers and ensure a sufficiently cleaner greenhouse environment.

Sydneigh Wilson
Part Owner of Ridge Farms


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