Nature Fresh Farms – Strawberries

The Situation

Nature Fresh Farms is one of the largest independent greenhouse growers of vegetables in Canada—but had sights set on expanding their business in the United States in Northwest Ohio and moving into strawberry production. This included construction of an all-new organic strawberry greenhouse set on an unprecedented 45 acres making for the largest single built strawberry greenhouse in North America, alongside conversion of a formerly vegetable greenhouse also into cutting edge strawberry production. Having worked with Growtec many times over installing high quality equipment and overseeing construction in past years, Nature Fresh Farms turned to Growtec yet again for their expertise, client-first service, and exceptional professionalism to get the job done.

The Solution

To help leverage Nature Fresh’s success in an increasingly competitive strawberry market, Growtec collaborated closely with the company to design a supreme system that would further enhance their setup and profit margins, just like they had together in previous years. This would involve Growtec’s 2LEVEL Swing System installed in each greenhouse: allowing them to optimize space and efficiency with verticalized growing and maximizing both the number of plants and product grown. The system would also advance the capacity for strawberry plants to be exposed to optimum sunlight even more so than other systems, boosting Nature Fresh’s production and success to even higher levels.

The Value

Consistency and thoroughness are both important values to the Growtec team, exemplified in their longstanding relationship with Nature Fresh Farms. As part of their project, Growtec and Nature Fresh collaborated on trialing and testing different strawberry systems within the larger project scope: seeing which results would be the most successful, and then sharing them with other growers. By bringing quality, partnerships, ideas, and innovative profit-boosting systems to Canadian greenhouse growers again and again, Growtec’s strong professional networks help them achieve another important piece of their mission: furthering the success and connections within the North American agricultural community so they can compete better on a global scale.


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