M&M Farms LTD. – Tomatoes

The Situation

M&M Farms LTD. began expansive production of hydroponic tomatoes in Kingsville, Ontario only to find their production equipment and infrastructure needed frequent repair or updating to continue being fully functional and consistent with production standards. M&M Farms wished to find a supplier with a mission for putting higher emphasis on quality materials that would last. With a sizeable new expansion close on the horizon for their operation, and dealing with continuing quality issues from their first project, M&M Farms looked to contract with a company that would prioritize exceptional quality, state-of-the-art infrastructure, fantastic customer service, and more— and they did so by choosing to work with Growtec for thoroughly covering their many project needs.

The Solution

Growtec’s diverse portfolio working with Canada’s leading growers would cement their working relationship with M&M Farms LTD., ensuring their project would be updated and complete without the unexpected and continuing issues from their first build. This has helped Growtec set their mark in the controlled environment agriculture world as providing only the highest level of client satisfaction while achieving their company’s mission: helping growers build greenhouse empires engineered for incremental growth, not setbacks.

The Value

The best quality production materials and attention to detail are both highly important to the success of greenhouse growers like M&M Farms LTD. Growtec knows this well working with past clientele. Impressed with the quality brought to both the update and expansion projects, but not surprised owing to their reputation, Growtec established themselves as a client and detail-focused company excited to work with every grower no matter the project— and while setting high standards for the rest of the industry.

On time, professional and very detail-oriented. I would recommend Growtec to other greenhouses as they have improved products with great customer service and technical support throughout the entire project.

Steven Mastronardi
Owner and Grower at M&M Farms LTD.


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