EZ Grow Farms – Strawberry Plant Supplier

The Situation

Dusty Zamecnik, the General Manager of EZ Grow Farms, is the first client to buy Growtec’s gutters, Robur’s spraying booms, and MJ-Tech’s high-pressure fogging system, in one deal from the three sister companies. EZ Grow Farms is a major strawberry plant material supplier in North America, especially along the Eastern seaboard of the Southern USA. EZ Grow has expanded production indoors in a 18.5-acre high-tech state-of-the-art greenhouse.

The Solution

Switching to this high-tech facility meant, among others, getting active CO2, applying high-pressure fogging, and in general having equipment that will help grow higher-quality starting materials, it all comes back to EZ Grow’s goal, having independent from the outdoor conditions, stable and high-quality production. EZ Grow Farms decided to install the Growtec Hoisting gutter system, the MJ-Tech high-pressure fogging system and Robur’s spraying booms.

The Value

“We are not perfect, at least not yet, but the technology and equipment we invested in are, so we are on the right path.” Even though the systems offered by Growtec, MJ-Tech, and Robur are not directly connected to one another, having the system from ‘one house’ has its perks! Having the portfolio with all the required knowledge and intelligence really made it so much easier for Dusty Zamecnik and it is one of the greatest strengths of Growtec, MJ-Tech and Robur.

For more information, read the article about EZ Grow Farms here.

Effectively having the portfolio of everything that I needed to come from one spot, with all the required knowledge and intelligence put all together, it really made it so much easier for me. In fact, I think that might be one of your greatest strengths.

Dusty Zamecnik
General Manager of EZ Grow Farms


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