Double Diamond Acres Limited – Strawberries

The Situation

Double Diamond Farms has been in the hydroponic greenhouse business for over four decades, and has long been a major player in Southwestern Ontario, Canadian markets, and the entire expanse of agriculture in North America at large. Its sustainably grown products have included hydroponic peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other specialty produce, all grown in one site that includes a packaging, shipping, and distribution facility. With steady revenue and a diverse product catalogue already established, Double Diamond’s next endeavors were for expansion of acreage in a completely new crop: through the construction of an all new, fully operational hydroponic greenhouse geared for strawberry production.

The Solution

Double Diamond and Growtec worked together on a vision for ambitious strawberry expansion, one that would add ample acreage while keeping the enterprise competitive with other similar large strawberry hydroponic growers. The plan: build a brand-new hydroponic greenhouse structure housing 35 acres utilizing the latest cutting-edge ag tech. This sprawling addition would add to Double Diamond’s already impressive array of sustainably grown produce, and include installation of around 140,000 meters of new strawberry-focused hydroponic gutters following GT01-130 mm width specifications: fine-tuned for compact hydroponic production within a fully new and state of the art greenhouse structure.

The Value

Expansion into new strawberry territory enabled Double Diamond even deeper reach into diverse markets. The enterprise was given an incredible jump start from Growtec’s skilled professionals, who accomplished the project with the most advanced agricultural technology and hydroponic greenhouse know-how, getting them a cut above the competition. Completion of the project took place in July 2022, minimizing any possible business and production interruptions, while helping plug the new greenhouse into Double Diamond’s already established systems and networks on-site. This way, both owners and personnel do not need to adapt to an all-new system, rather, the all-new greenhouse would be adapted to personnel.

We were looking to put more plants in our area and the current trough system we had would not allow that. We worked with Growtec to come up with a new solution that enables us to put as much as 15-20% more plants per square foot than our previous facilities.

Chris Mastronardi
CEO of Double Diamond Acres Limited


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