September 08, 2022

Opportunity is in full bloom at Growtec

Born and raised in Leamington, Ontario, Brian Zimmermann has farming in his blood. “I grew up on a farm, working alongside my father and grandfather who were both successful mushroom growers.” From those deep roots, Brian has taken the lessons of hard work and resourcefulness to heart as one of the leaders of Growtec, a privately-owned Canadian-based greenhouse products and services company.

“Growtec began by identifying a niche market,” explains Brian. “In North America, there aren’t many companies that can do what we do, so we saw an opportunity to provide an alternative, with very competitive pricing, and continuous innovation.”

Drawing on years of experience in the greenhouse industry, Brian and his partners established Growtec to design, produce, supply, and service state-of-the-art cultivation systems. They also supply drip irrigation systems and have wire-bending production in Leamington, Ontario. Growtec has quickly drawn clients in the flower, vegetable, and cannabis sectors. “We want to be known for innovative solutions, reliability, and service,” says Brian. “Our goal is to ensure every project for every client is worry-free.”

Partnering with industry veterans, Brian launched Growtec with the same passion he observed in his father and grandfather. “I wanted to follow in their footsteps and get into the horticulture industry and lead a business,” says Brian. “I wanted to oversee my own enterprise and be part of something bigger.” Indeed, Growtec’s recent accomplishments are evidence of Brian’s desire to become an industry leader.

As a testament to Growtec’s sharp focus on its clients’ needs, Brian points to an initial project involving 10 hectares of strawberries for Great Northern Hydroponics (GNH). “Growtec met all of our expectations and specifications without any issues,” says Guido van het Hof, President and General Manager of GNH. “As clients, we could not have been more satisfied with the work Brian and his team completed for us.”  

To date, Growtec has sold almost 400 acres worth of growing and gutter systems. “We’ve had amazing success and growth, especially in Ontario,” says Brian. In the last year, Growtec has purchased three CNC wire bending machines, built a gutter forming machine, purchased an irrigation punching machine, and will complete the build of their first 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse this spring. “We are growing fast.”

Seeing his grandfather and father build a successful company may have given Brian the spark to lead his own business. However, his natural desire and sheer drive to build something meaningful has fuelled his successful journey. “I have always worked hard and never want to stop learning or pushing forward,” says Brian. “I believe no challenge is too big.” Looking to the future, Brian’s goal for Growtec is to have everything produced in North America, so it can provide the best price and lead-time to customers.

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